The judge should be a righteous and brave citizen!

Igor Tuleya - a judge of the District Court in Warsaw, who by the decision of the Disciplinary Chamber (regarding the establishment of which the Court of Justice of the European Union suspended the application of the provisions of the Act on the Supreme Court), was deprived of judicial immunity - was our guest.

The judge recalled the principle of the separation of powers, commented on the generally weaker position of the judiciary, which is still subject to political pressure from the rulers, and assured that judges had a duty to speak about the rule of law. Moreover, he deplored the disregard of the advisory voice of practitioners on legal solutions by politicians. Although he believes that now Polish  courts are issuing independent judgments, he pointed out the rulers’ attempts to bypass constitutional provisions and to change the provisions by means of lower-level legal acts. Alarming is also the unconstitutional shortening of the term of office of the National Council of the Judiciary and the nominations to the neo-NCJ, which, contrary to previous practices, were made with the votes of politicians.

The judge emphasized that any violations of the law should be settled in the future. It is impossible, as Seneca has already noted, to build a civil society without justice, which is the moral foundation of the community.