”Me and Environment”

”Me and Environment” was the first virtual preview in our school, organized via the Microsoft Teams platform by the Visual Arts group from IB1 and their tutor Julia Łukasiak.

2D and 3D artworks such as paintings, drawings, architecture models and sculptures were prepared by four students. Hania Skubis focused mainly on the relation between human and nature; but also “played” with viewers’ imagination by giving them a chance to fill in the missing parts of her identity. Both works emerged from the nature; one as a floating part of water, and the second being organic in texture yet with light capturing a cycle. Marysia Chechlińska’s first project focused on experimenting with self-expression by the use of self-portraits and exploring natural colorants. Her second artwork was a recreation of a famous Tamara de Lempicka’s self-portrait. Marysia Drabik presented her own maps of Warsaw that reflect the places and the people who shape her identity. She also created a globe of her own as a illustration of her unique  perception of the world. Janek Siwicki interpreted the topic in two ways. He showed his personal environment -“Self-portrait through objects” and the public space -“Museum of Everyday objects”.

Many people appeared on the exhibition, which was a pleasant surprise!

The group will come back soon with a new idea.