JasMUN - invitation


For the first time in the history of our school a group of students decided to take on the task of organizing a Model United Nations conference - MUN. Jasienica Model United Nations will take place at the Lazarski University from 4th to 7th of April. The organizers, eleven students from grade 2 and 3 of high school and IB1, are experienced delegates. Some of them have taken part in MUN 2SLO project and participated in the international conferences worldwide winning numerous awards. Using their expertise, gained from representing the school at various conferences in Poland and abroad, they created something out of the ordinary. JasMUN is a fantastic opportunity for youth, interested not in only in politics, but also climate change, human rights or medicine to tackle pressing issues of the modern world. Participants take on the role of delegates of various UN member states and, through diplomacy and dialogue, work towards finding a common solution. At JASMUN, it will be possible to tackle these problems in ten different committees such as Security Council, Human Rights Council or the International Court of Justice. We would like to invite everyone to Jasienica Model United Nations 2019.