The final of the Warsaw Schools Tournament

Our team reached the semi-finals, in which we lost to the 27th High School of Tadeusz Czacki’s players  0 – 2. On May 27, during the finals of the tournament, the representation of the Tadeusz Czacki’s High School defeated the representation of the 9th  High School …

Do you want to help, you want to temporarily make a flat available, join Host Ukraine!

AAs we all know, the recent dramatic events in Ukraine have caused an influx of people fleeing the war to the countries of the European Union. A large number of them find themselves in a difficult situation in which they are not able to provide themselves with accomodation fo…

Art for Ukraine!

PLN 13,880 was collected for refugees from Ukraine. The money will be transferred in part to the Polish Humanitarian Action, and in part spent on the purchase and sending the most necessary articles to Ukraine itself. All the works on the auction and most of the handicraft pr…

Register and watch the TEDx conference in Warsaw!

On March 25th, 2022, TEDxYouth @ 2SLO, an authorized TEDx conference organized by the students of Paweł Jasienica’s 2SLO.  Young speakers – students of, among others, 2 SLO, the II Stefan Batory’s  and of the XXXIII  Nicholas Copernicus’ Secondary Schools&nb…

In favour for Ukraine

On March 2nd, a collection of money for Ukrainian refugees was finished. We donated PLN 7,560 to the Polish Humanitarian Action to an account dedicated to help for Ukraine.  We would like to thank all the donors. The sum raised is a fraction of the great and generous …

We’re back to school!

Polish classes  The first forms – an integration trip from September 1st till September 3rd  The inauguration of the school year  on September 6th at 9 am, in Solec St., in an assembly hall. On that day, there will be a walk around the new school and – yo…

Warsaw Schools Tournament

As part of the “Zwolnieni z Teorii” movement, we are organizing the “Warsaw Schools Tournament” – football games of the representation of eight Warsaw high schools. We are being prepared for the tournament by Ms. Wioletta Handzel. We meet on Thursdays after lessons at Nowo…


Our mission

In an atmosphere of kindness and openness, we the teachers and

administrators of our school offer students comprehensive education, help

them discover their abilities, and hone their skills. We support students’

individual development, so that young people can become creative and

responsible citizens. 


Nasza historia

  • 1989
  • 1998
  • 2000
  • 2005
  • 2008
  • 2010
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2017
  • 2020
  • 2021


We are changing the system. 2nd SLO comes into existence. The first headmaster, Aureliusz Leżeński, at a meeting on authors’ programs at the University of Warsaw, together with participants ( parents at the same time) initiates the establishment of an independent school with an author’s program. The founding body of the school is the Civic Educational Associaton (Społeczne Towarzystwo Oświatowe). The higher education, no pedagogical experience, and preferably no ties with the existing school system as well as the enthusiasm to reinvent the school together with the students is the major set of recommendations for the candidates for the positions of teachers.

The first three classes study in rooms at the presbytery on Gorlicka Street. By the decision of the minister of national education – professor Henryk Samsonowicz, the school gets a new seat on Nowowiejska. Professor Samsonowicz personally inaugurates the first school year in the new headquarters of 2nd SLO.

Achievements and rankings

  • 1st place in the matriculation ranking

  • 1st place in the ranking
    Warsaw Secondary Schools

  • 1st place in the ranking
    Friendly School